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LED Electric Sonic Scaler Toothbrush Set Stains Dental Calculus Remover Tooth Cleaner Teeth Whitening Oral Irrigation Care Tools


  • Brand Name: DearBeauty
  • Type: Electric Oral Irrigator
  • Commodity Quality Certification: ce
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Item Type: Oral Irrigator
  • Power Source: Rechargeable Battery
  • Age Group: Adults
  • feature 1: Dental whitening
  • feature 2: Teeth whitener
  • feature 3: Teeth cleaner
  • feature 4: Whitening teeth
  • feature 5: Teeth cleaning
  • feature 6: tooth scaler
  • feature 7: Stains Tartar Calculus Remover
  • feature 8: dental tools
  • feature 9: USB Rechargeable
  • feature 10: waterproof
  • feature 11: Electric Tooth Brush
  • feature 12: Electric Toothbrush
  • feature 13: dropshipping

LED Electric Sonic Scaler Toothbrush Set Stains Dental Calculus Remover Tooth Cleaner Teeth Whitening Oral Irrigation Care Tools

Type 1:


1.Dental Care With Healthier Gums: The sonic Tooth Cleaner can effectively separate dental plaque, dental calculus, and stains, removes hard tartar easily from the teeth preventing gum disease.

2.New Vibration Technology: Ultrasonic technology, 30000 times per minute high-intensity frequency, effectively smash the stubborn calculus, reduce the damages to the enamel and gum, which may be caused by manual dental tools.

3.USB Rechargeable:Safe and fast charging way by USB. Charging once can be used about 200 times, travel without worrying about power loss.

4.More flexible And Safer For Use: This dental cleaning tool comes with an LED HD screen, auxiliary LED light and a silicone handle. It has a smart memory function, which automatically selects the last shutdown mode when it is opened.5 Grades of adjustable frequency to remove stubborn calculus, tartar and teeth stain. Automatic outage after fully charged, auto-protective and energy saving.

5.Using Only The Safest Materials: Food-grade silicone/PC/ABS/304 stainless steel head, IPX6 level waterproof security system and rechargeable, ensure security and convenience. The low-cost solution in comparison to the dentist and ideal to keep it handy in the bathroom or to take with you when you travel.


1* Host

1* Manual

1* Tartar cleaning tool

1* Replacement head

1* Charging cable

1* Dentist mirror

Type 2:


Efficient: High frequency vibration brings excellent tartar and stain removal effect

Multi-purpose: 3 cleaning heads and 3 modes to solve various problems

Reliable: stainless steel working tip, waterproof body, safe to use

Intimate: LED lamp auxiliary lighting, accurate positioning of tartar and tooth stains

Environmental protection: built-in 250 mAh rechargeable battery, durable battery life

Easy to use: intuitive two-key layout, effectively avoid misoperation

Comfortable: Lightweight body, silicone handle, comfortable to hold


Name: Electric tooth cleaner

Battery capacity: 250mAh

Charging method: DC charging

Working voltage: 3.7 ~ 4.2V

Rated current: 130mA max

Waterproof level: IPX6

Storage temperature: -10 ° C-40 ° C

Package Included:

1* Electric Tartar Scraper

3* cleaning heads

1* dental mirror

1* tweezer

1* charging cable

1* user manual

Type 3:


1. The lightweight and portable sonic toothbrush is made of non-slip materials, with an ergonomically designed handle, bringing you a comfortable tooth cleaning experience.

2. High-frequency sound wave vibration deeply and powerfully cleans the mouth, effectively removes periodontal bacteria, tartar and calculus, inhibits tooth inflammation, gum bleeding, and prevents gum atrophy.

3. One-button operation, 5 modes (clean, soft, polish, massage, whiten) for you to choose, create a personalized brushing experience for different groups of people, and give your teeth the most comfortable SPA.

4. The toothbrush head adopts imported slender soft bristles that have been uniquely cut and rounded, which fits the tooth curve, effectively cleans the teeth, cares for the gums, and reduces tooth damage.

5. 2 minutes smart timing: every 30 seconds, the vibration stops instantly, reminding you to change the area, and clean the 4 areas of the oral cavity in a balanced way to achieve the effect of scientific cleaning.

6. Built-in 1200mAh high-capacity lithium battery, charging for 4 hours, battery life 30 days, no need to worry about running out of power when traveling or traveling.

7. IPX7 waterproof: The whole machine is waterproof, no need to worry about soaking and damp, it is safer to use.


Material: ABS

Color: white

Size: 14*2.5*2.5cm

Packing size: 24.5*6*3cm

Packing List:

1* Host

3* Toothbrush Heads

1* USB Charging Cable

Charging steps:

1. Open the battery cover at the bottom of the toothbrush counterclockwise;

2. The white light is on when charging, and the white light is off when fully charged (full charge in 3 hours, full charge can be used for 60 days, 2 times a day);

3. Then tighten the bottom battery cover clockwise;

4. After installation, press the power button to start the machine.


1. Squeeze a small amount of toothpaste (less than ordinary toothbrushes);

2. Don’t use you like a manual toothbrush. Gently place the bristles on the junction of the teeth and gums. Use the high-frequency vibration of the brush to clean. Change the next brushing area after 30 seconds;

3. Replace the brush head every 1 month. Experiments have shown that for your oral health, the effect of the new brush head is much better than the brush head after 1 month.


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